Meet our External Advisory Board – Gregory Jones

Meet our External Advisory Board – Gregory Jones

Name: Prof. Gregory V. Jones

Organisation: Evenstad Center for Wine Education, Linfield College, USA

Professor Gregory V. Jones is the Director of the Evenstad Center for Wine Education and holds the Evenstad Chair in Wine Studies at Linfield College. He is also a professor and research climatologist in the Department of Environmental Studies. Prof. Jones specializes in the study of climate structure and suitability for viticulture, and the effect of climate variability and change on grapevine growth, wine production and quality. He also conducts applied research for the grape and wine industries in Oregon, USA. In addition, he has authored numerous book chapters, reports and articles on wine economics, grapevine phenology and climate change, among other topics. Prof. Jones has received several prestigious awards within the wine sector and is included in the most influential people in the world of wine.

” The MED-GOLD project is addressing a significant need in both the weather and climate information and data support community, and within the agricultural user community. Too often, these groups operate in ways that are most efficient for their own requirements when collaboration on both sides is needed to create robust tools to benefit society. I am proud to have the opportunity to interact with this research group and look forward to seeing how the tools are developed and used “

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