(PR) Wine production in the Pyrenees, hungry caribous and why it matters

(PR) Wine production in the Pyrenees, hungry caribous and why it matters

Have a Pint of Science!

Isadora and Dragana from Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC) talk about new trends in climate change adaptation and innovation. The Pint of Science festival aims to deliver interesting and relevant talks on the latest science and research in an accessible format to the public, mainly across bars and pubs.

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Isadora will talk about how and why forecasting the weather is important. The current trend of wine production in the Pyrenees, as a consequence of global warming, is only one of the examples Isa will use to demonstrate how to adapt to climate change and the full potential of computer modelling in tackling the challenges of tomorrow’s life on Earth.

Dragana will talk about the effects of climate change on one of the most fragile ecosystems on the planet: the Arctic. The Arctic experienced the 4th heatwave in a row this past winter. Great news for shipping! … But maybe not so good for fish and other fauna? Come find out what climate change has to do with the lack of food for caribous, and how seasonal climate data can help reindeer herders look after their animals.

Stories behind the talks of Isa and Dragana are inspired by the European projects S2S4E, MED-GOLD, VISCA  and APPLICATE.


Wednesday May 16th, 7:30pm @ Centre Cívic Vil·la Urània (29, Saragossa Street. Barcelona).

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant agreement No. 776467