MED-GOLD contributes to the new EU Climate Adaptation Strategy

MED-GOLD contributes to the new EU Climate Adaptation Strategy

The MED-GOLD project has been flagged by the European Commission as one of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation contributors in shaping the newly adopted EU Climate Adaptation Strategy.

The strategy, adopted on 24 February 2021, sets out how the EU can adapt to the impacts of climate change and become climate resilient by 2050 through four principle objectives, including smarter, swifter and more systemic adaptation along with setting up international action.

Together with the VISCA project, which focuses on the wine sector, MED-GOLD has been selected on the basis of working for a sustainable and resilient agricultural production. Focusing on three key crops of the Mediterranean area – grapes, olives and durum wheat – the project is developing a climate service prototype that can be extended to additional crops.

Other projects responding to the challenges posed by the climate emergency in different sectors have been identified, dealing with issues ranging from the development of digital tools to water treatment technologies. Some of these projects include S2S4E for a clean and resilient energy system, GrowGreen for urban climate resilience, CASCADES for impacts originated beyond Europe, or HYDROUSA for floods and droughts.


About the EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change
The new EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change “Forging a climate-resilient Europe” sets the scene for more ambitious action on climate adaptation. The objective of the strategy is to progress swiftly toward the 2050 resilience vision by making adaptation action smarter, more systemic, and faster. It is a cornerstone of the European Green Deal and complements the proposed Climate Law and the Climate Pact, but also other initiatives such as the Biodiversity Strategy, the Renovation Wave, the Farm to Fork Strategy, the upcoming Forest Strategy and the Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy.

Access document: Research & Innovation – Key contributor to the new EU Climate Adaptation Strategy.


Written by Marta Terrado (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant agreement No. 776467