Olive/Olive oil
The service will produce the most accurate olive yield forecasts at seasonal and much longer (decadal) timescales. It will also integrate models capable of predicting pest dynamics and fruit infestation by the olive fly (Bactrocera oleae), so to provide sensible information to support pest management and reduce agricultural costs.

Javier López Nevado, DCOOP, javier.lopez [at] dcoop.es
Christos Giannakopoulos, NOA, cgiannak [at] noa.gr
Raül Marcos Matamoros, BARCELONA SUPERCOMPUTING CENTRE, raul.marcos [at] bsc.es
Ricardo Arjona Antolín, EC2CE, ricardo.arjona [at] ec2ce.com
Antonio Tabasco, GMV, med-gold-gmv [at] gmv.com
Adolfo Roasti, CREA, adolfo.rosati [at] crea.gov.it
Luigi Ponti, ENEA, luigi.ponti [at] enea.it

The service will formulate the best seasonal probabilistic predictions of extreme and biological climate indices at Mediterranean and site specific spatial scales, to allow for efficient pest and operational management strategies. At the same time, it will provide long-term (up to 30 years) predictions of future climatic and bioclimatic indices, to be exploited for effective decision-making when planning for the plantation and sustainability of new vineyards.

António Rocha Graça, SOGRAPE VINHOS, Antonio.Graca [at] sogrape.pt
Nube Gonzalez-Reviriego, BARCELONA SUPERCOMPUTING CENTRE, nube.gonzalez [at] bsc.es
Marta Teixeira, SOGRAPE VINHOS, Marta.Teixeira [at] sogrape.pt
Natacha Fontes, SOGRAPE VINHOS, Natacha.Fontes [at] sogrape.pt
Konstantinos V. Varotsos, NOA, kvarotso [at] gmail.com
Antonio Tabasco, GMV, med-gold-gmv [at] gmv.com
Michael Sanderson, Met Office, michael.sanderson [at] metoffice.gov.uk
Alessandro Dell’Aquila, ENEA, alessandro.dellaquila [at] @enea.it

Durum wheat/Pasta
The service will combine different approaches to provide both seasonal forecasts and long-term predictions and projections for durum wheat yield, and risks of pests and diseases. Thus, it will support farmer decisions in the definition of better agro-management plans, strategic long-term planning and climate change adaptation.

Chiara Monotti, BARILLA, Chiara.Monotti [at] barilla.com
Andrea Toreti, JRC, andrea.toreti [at] ec.europa.eu
Matteo Zampieri, JRC, matteo.zampieri [at] ec.europa.eu
Tiziano Bettati, HORTA srl, t.bettati [at] horta-srl.com
Valentina Manstretta, HORTA srl, info [at] horta-srl.com
Pierluigi Meriggi, HORTA srl, info [at] horta-srl.com
Massimiliano Pasqui, CNR, m.pasqui [at] ibimet.cnr.it
Piero Toscano, CNR, p.toscano [at] ibimet.cnr.it
Antonio Tabasco, GMV, med-gold-gmv [at] gmv.com
Sandro Calmanti, ENEA, sandro.calmanti [at] enea.it