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MED-GOLD will develop novel pilot climate services focusing on three staples of the Mediterranean food system: Grape, olive and durum wheat.
The long-term objective of MED-GOLD is to make European agriculture and food systems more resilient, sustainable and efficient in the face of climate change, by using climate services to minimize climate driven risks/costs and seize opportunities for added value.
The MED-GOLD community is a fundamental part of the MED-GOLD project and it consists of public and private organisations and individuals operating in at least one of the three targeted sectors – Grapes/Wine, Olives/Olive Oil, and Durum Wheat/Pasta – as well as in other agri-food sectors.

  • Communicate your climate information needs (what information you need to help running your operational activities)
  • Contribute to the co-development of MED-GOLD climate services (to make sure they will be useful for your decision-making)
  • Discuss the applicability of MED-GOLD climate services (how they fit into your organisational context)


We offer different activities you can choose from:
  • Webinars: Learn how climate services can drive value into the Mediterranean grapes/wine, olives/olive oil and durum wheat/pasta sectors (and potential application to other sectors);
  • On-line forum: Interact with the MED-GOLD team and the other members of the MED-GOLD community and discuss topics related to climate services developed in the project;
  • On-line surveys:Let us know about the possibilities to use climate services in your organisation ;
  • Participatory workshops: Attend our workshops to explore the applicability of MED-GOLD climate services in your organisational context;
  • Newsletters: Stay up-to-date with the developments of the MED-GOLD project;

  • NO payment for MED-GOLD community membership
  • NO need to disclose your data to the MED-GOLD project
  • Membership and participation in MED-GOLD activities is entirely voluntary and can be ceased at any time upon request


Benefits of joining the MED-GOLD community will depend on the particular activity profile of your organisation. To mention just some examples, MED-GOLD climate services can be helpful for:
  • Improved planning of your organisation’s operational activities;
  • More accurate identification of areas with suitable climate to meet production and quality goals;
  • More accurate prediction of the likely onset of the critical phenological stages;
  • Better planning of investments (e.g., machinery, (re)settlement and (re)design of new plantations/production areas);
  • Improved regional policy planning, national adaptation strategies to climate change.
MED-GOLD is an inclusive project, seeking the contribution and active participation of experts and stakeholders to co-design the most effective climate services.
Reach out and share your knowledge with our community, we will keep you updated and you will be able to join our activities and our online discussion forum.
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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant agreement No. 776467