WEBINAR – Coproduction of climate services: success stories from MED-GOLD

WEBINAR – Coproduction of climate services: success stories from MED-GOLD


This third webinar, organised within the MED-GOLD final showcase event in March 2022, focuses on the success stories from the project’s experience. The objective is to describe what the scientific and industrial partners gained from participating in the project, and how they resolved problems that emerged during the process of climate service coproduction.

The webinar was based on short presentations from project partners. The first round of presentations provided a description of the coproduction approach followed in the project, highlighting the importance of finding common ground between scientists and users, understanding users’ needs and building trust. The second round, counted with additional presentations explaining the technical aspects of the process of co-development of climate services and delivery of useful and usable information, as well as the assessment of the value that climate information can bring to users.

Speakers’ presentations can be downloaded on the MED-GOLD Final Showcase event’s page.


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