Meet our External Advisory Board – Andrew Paul Gutierrez

Meet our External Advisory Board – Andrew Paul Gutierrez

Name: Prof Andrew Paul Gutierrez

Organisation: University of California Berkeley and CEO of CASAS Global, USA

Professor Andrew Paul Gutierrez is a Professor Emeritus at the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management at the University of California (Berkeley, California, USA). His primary expertise is in the analysis of tritrophic agricultural systems. Prof. Gutierrez’s research group investigates plant-herbivore-natural enemy interactions using physiologically-based tritrophic models developed based on extensive field studies. He conducts inter-disciplinary and international research that seeks to solve practical problems in pest management and crop production and protection, and explores economic issues and the effects of global warming on crops.
Prof. Gutierrez is also the CEO of CASAS Global, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to analysing issues in diverse crops, rangelands and medical and veterinary vectors to benefit developing countries worldwide. At CASAS Global, he helps to develop a wide range of system models for crops and to explore the geographic distribution and abundance of invasive insect pests and weeds in a geographical information systems (GIS) context.

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