Meet our External Advisory Board – Mark Gishen

Meet our External Advisory Board – Mark Gishen

Name: Mark Gishen

Organisation: Gishen Consulting, Australia

Mark Gishen (BE (Chem), MEngSc) is a specialist consultant in wine technology and quality improvement based in Adelaide, South Australia. His current portfolio includes a project management contract at the South Australian Wine Industry Association (mainly environmental and climate change response projects), and a range of private client projects including management systems development (HACCP, ISO 17025, ISO 14000), sustainability strategy, life cycle impact assessment, technology evaluation and commercialization, new product development, and analytical and process systems troubleshooting. He has worked in the wine industry since 1998 in a variety of roles in wine production and research in several countries including Israel, Switzerland and Australia.

“I strongly support the MED-GOLD project as it is designed to build the capacity for wine businesses world-wide to adapt to climate change. The project brings together a team of high calibre researchers and practitioners who are working collaboratively to develop outcomes that will be beneficial to a range of agricultural production sectors. I believe that this project will increase the aggregate impact on society at both European and global level.”

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